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happy birthday billy

September 10, 2012

My son Billy is five today.  That went fast, or at least that’s what I’m suppose to say.  It felt like it would forever before the kids got into school. Now two are in school (kindergarten and first grade) while the “baby” is in a TOTS 3 program starting next Monday.  With 3 kids under the age of 7 it’s trying at times.

Lately the baby is going back to baby habits. He wants to sleep next to me and my husband.  I am a parent who co-slept with all her kids. I firmly believe in it since I was breastfeeding and that was the best way to sleep for me as a family.  My husband worked the night shift and with the three little one, it seemed the perfect solution to at least feel like there were other people in the house with me.

For instance this morning the baby woke up and he said “why doesn’t abba sleep with us?” Not “good morning mom” or “I slept great mom” or even a hug and kiss like Billy usually does and just snuggle with me. He demands to know “why dad didn’t sleep next to him” and is already in a cranky mood that lasts until he gets some food into his system.

My question is how do parents who deal with high need babies deal with constant tantrums and bad moods all day long? After a while it gets to me and I cannot deal with it.

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