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you’re beautiful

March 19, 2012

So beautiful.

Such simple words that bring butterflies to the belly.  Especially since they were uttered by my husband to me.  After 8 years.

I have always had good skin up until I married.  Never a pimple or acne through my teen years. I was really blessed and lucky.

Now I wished that I would have been able to be done with them.  Instead I have had them through my twenties.

There are weddings going on around me and hubby is indirectly involved in them.  He has to be there for the talks and whats happening when.  By the way when I am referring to marriage especially within my family it is usually arranged marriages.  So he was summoned to my uncle’s house for one of these wedding talks.  I am moaning to him not to go and it goes something like this:

Me: I would rather Jr go to Uncle’s than you.

Jr: hahahahah. She loves you that much.

Hubby: And i love her.

Jr: Where are you going to kiss her? on her acne?

Hubby: Don’t worry i love you.


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