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Covered in dirt, down down down in the well

March 10, 2012

I get irritated by the little stuff. Whether it is cleaning the overflowing sink or putting in another load of laundry.  The kids endless chatter about nothing in particular. For instance right now the baby is mumbling something like this: “blue, ha hee haa.”  *some humming tunes.*

I take people’s words literally. ALL. THE. TIME.  Even if they are joking. Especially when they are joking because I believe that with every joke, there is some hidden truth to it. 

I never was like this before.  My life experiences have caught up to me.  They are starting to make me a bitter old granny who sees the glass as empty because someone else drank up all the water. 

This week I was beyond down. Way down in my well, waiting for a rope to be thrown down to me so I can climb back up to reality and the real world.  That never happened.  The more time that went by the more the pieces of gravel and dirt started covering me, the more I was needing fresh air and a way to breathe. 

Walking around in the crisp, freezing air with snow swirling around like a snow globe, the ones you shake up and the snow falls, used to clear my head.  Yesterday it did not.  The more I walked the more cobwebs were being built.

The red nose helped a bit until the head could not be lifted off the pillow.  Sleeping or resting in the dark has values yet it did not when I needed it. 

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day yet to come.

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