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Wrong side of the bed.

February 24, 2012

I woke up angry today.  It was not pretty.  The kids did not want to eat the breakfasts they chose to be made for them.  Billy got egg sandwich while the baby got a PB&J sandwich with a glass of milk.  Neither wanted it.  I had myself a tall glass of cardamom chai with 2 PB&J sandwiches.

I was done with breakfast and started cleaning the house.  Too much to do.  The minutes kept zooming by.  9:30.  Few minutes later it’s already 10:30.

The kids are still whining about not wanting their breakfasts.  I keep yelling at them to eat it.

Billy claims with “I’m done”.  I check his plate. Its empty.

Baby tattles on Billy with, “he didn’t eat it.  He threw it away.”

Me: Billy did you throw away your breakfast.

Billy looks at the floor when he lies.  No eye contact.

In a louder than previous voice, “Billy DID YOU THROW AWAY YOUR BREAKFAST?”

Billy (in a soft whisper): No.

Me: Are you sure?

Walking into the kitchen, I lift the lid to the trash bin and there is staring back at me, the scrambled eggs.

I flip out some more.

Then I hear a loud crash of broken glass. Shattered into pieces both big and small.

Then the baby drops milk on the floor.

Sue wants to come home and no one is available to pick her up, so I drive and pick her up.  The house is a mess and I have nothing cooked.

My brain has been feeling fried all day long.

I really do not know why I woke up angry today.

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  1. March 1, 2012 12:45 pm

    So sorry about then! Days like those are so familiar!
    Happy New Year! Im so glad to be in your space! 🙂

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