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Finding my muse

December 20, 2011

Sometimes to find your muse and what inspires you, one has to keep on trekking along and singing and writing their song.  If you do not then you will never know what was meant to be.  If that one piece of word will truly inspire someone else.

I am the person that “writes” fabulous blogs in her head. The perfect word.  It sounds wonderful but I never put pen to paper and when I do I get stuck.  I have doing that a lot this year.  Lots of blogs that got “posted” in my head but never out in the online world.

I always find myself wanting to “write” like others but those others spent a great deal of time writing, drafting, editing that many of us never see.  To be a great writer, one needs to consistently and constantly be writing.

That is my mission this year.  To keep on writing and to take one day at a time.


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