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New year’s resolution update 2011

May 3, 2011

Quality before quantity.  That will be my motto for this year.  It is kind of late making resolutions for 2011 but the year is not over yet, not even half over.

Resolutions I’m trying to keep this year are:

Workout to lose the baby weight.  I workout half heartedly.  I know I should do it more often and for longer periods of time but working out to a dvd or videos online, there’s no motivation. No one pushing you to do it. I need Jillian Michaels.

Write more often.  I have been away from blogging for about a month now but that does not mean I am writing less. I am currently journaling everyday or so. Some days when I stay at my mom’s I’ll come home and write the previous date and write something memorable from that day.

Play with the kids.  I try to be laid back with the kids some days instead of always being on “mom mode”.  I remember days in the past when I would play blocks with the kids and enjoy it.  Nowadays it feels like a chore when it shouldn’t.

Drive more with the kids in tow. Growing up my mom would wait for the weekends when the whole family would go out.  My dad would take us to our cousins’ house and we would watch “Yellow Cartoon” (The Simpsons).  Simple times. Simple memories.  Nowadays I usually try to take the kids out by myself and we have fun. I am making myself become more independent though its hard at times doing everything by yourself.

One new year’s resolution that I would like to achieve this year is meeting up with friends once a month.  With everyone’s crazy schedules it becomes difficult but it is not mission impossible as I am thinking it is inside my head.

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