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Science Fiction And Comedy With Fringe

April 21, 2011

Authored by Oswaldo Blackburn

Out of the huge selection of science fiction shows on television my favorite is one called Fringe. This show is about a group of researchers that embark on many adventures dealing with fringe science events. The team consists of a special investigator, mad scientist, and a mercenary researcher. This small group of individuals is constantly trying to get closer to the heart of the whole entire plot of the series. These characters soon discover that their own lives are caught up in the huge science conspiracy that they have been investigating.

I really like this science fiction television show because it brings together all of the things I like in the real world. There is drama, and much more with all of the different characters in this television show. Strangely enough I am not really into many Cable TV deals and discounts, is what I always use to watch my favorite science fiction television show Fringe.


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