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hi hippy lady

March 2, 2011

this is a letter that i just finished writing to the HIPPY lady.  I usually update her on the kids on a weekly basis.  this time it turned out to be more than just an update.

hi hippy lady

how are you doing? me I’m doing good. the kids this week have been more playing but are still learning in little ways. the other day my daughter was writing the street we live on without any assistance from anyone, from memory and i thought that was awesome.

billy, he’s a different story.  he is very involved in his learning when it comes to secular learning. being a muslim, it is obligated on us to learn as much as we can about our religion so that we know what to do and not do.  he screams whenever mention practicing his arabic book and his tantrums are an everyday thing.  I do not know how to handle it sometimes.  I feel like I’m putting too much pressure on him to do so much and he’s still young.  so most of the times I back off but I still want him to be learning because the first five years of your life are important and that is when kids learn the most.  I try to discipline or teach him, he screams so loud or cries.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

and the baby. he gets angry the fastest and stays that way the longest. he has these breath holding spells if he does not get his way.  I choose to ignore him at those moments and let him calm himself down before picking him up again. my husband and parents tell me to give him what he wants when he wants since he’s still little.

I think we are all tired of being cooped up in the home during this LONG winter.  hopefully it does not snow any more and spring hurries up.

I found some activities (free) near my house for the kids and hopefully can do those things.

sorry this email was more ranting than about the kids.

have a great week and see you friday.


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