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the local real estate guy

February 12, 2011

The economy is like a see-saw.  One day we are up, jobs are everywhere, people are spending.  The next day jobs are down, more people are unemployed, and more people are filing for bankruptcies.  LaJolla Real Estate seems to be one such case where things are looking up and up day by day.   If you look at other communities such as San Carolos real estate market, Rancho Santa Fe real estate updates, or

Kelly Bennett of the Voice of San Diego said in the article: Even while homes priced less than $300,000 attract major interest and spark bidding wars, financing difficulties define the market at the higher levels.

The local real estate guy is a blog about “Your Source For Your Local Real Estate Market Information.”  Daily there are stories about what different real estates are doing and how they are faring.

The better the prices get with real estate and the more jobs there are in the economy, the more people will buy, simple math that many are not getting.



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