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Organize the home

February 12, 2011

Posted by Virgil Burks

To get my kids ready for school after winter break, I always make sure to organize the entire home. Sometimes I will send the kids to their grandparents’ home so that I can have the entire house to myself. Even when I am home alone, I am always sure to set my home security alarm to ensure my own safety during the process.

My husband always goes to work during the day, and I do not like to be home alone. Yet, being home alone is the only way I can truly clear my head and focus on tasks the must be completed, like organizing the home. By setting an alarma from, I know if an intruder enters the home even while I am in one of the kid’s bedrooms. This is the best way I can feel safe in my home, even when I am alone.

Organizing a home is a great way to get kids ready for school. They will feel refreshed for a new semester and ready to do their best in school. My kids always do better in school when their rooms are organized and fresh for a new semester of school. I am always proud when my kids come home and say how much they love the new, clean “feel” of the house. They are always impressed with my cleaning skills which is awesome.



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