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friday fragments

February 11, 2011

Happy TGIF to everyone.  Fridays are the best because the weekend is here and more time with the hubs if he’s not working.  Inshallah.

Friday Fragments is hosted by Half Past Kissin’ Time.

This week I stayed home for the most part.  The snow did not motivate me to want to go outside for anything.

One highlight of the week was when I was on the phone with my aunt ‘Mina who is currently in Bangladesh on a business trip with my uncle.  He was out in the morning running errands and she and I talked for about 20 minutes.  One piece advice that meant a lot to me and made me smile was when she told me “everyone is fine, don’t worry about no one.” It sounded better in our native tongue of Bangali.

Keoror lage chinta koreo nah shob bala asoyn.

The funny thing about that advice is that all women by nature worry about their family and friends even if they are well off.  Its our nature, being motherly to everyone that we worry about our loved ones.  That is one reason more women suffer from heart attacks. We take every literally to heart.


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