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Happy 7 Year Anniversary to my One and Only!

February 8, 2011

My husband and I have been married for 7 Years now.  That is the magic number because 7 Years means the itching begins.  No not that kind of itching. 

The 7 Year Itch and how to avoid it can be found here

Inshallah I will never fall out of love with my husband.  Love is something that needs to be build on everyday and if you ignore each other and communicate less, well you are off track to getting more affection from each other.

The above words are spewing out because it is something my brain is telling to put to make this post sound better.

So what did we get each other for our anniversary? He took me shopping on Sunday to get new undies, bras and pj pants.  My pj pants were tearing and worn out. 

Last year I got a digital camera for our anniversary. This year it was a sewing machine.  A Singer Simple recommended by Martha Stewart.  

How does he know what to get me and make me happy?  He takes me shopping with him and lets me choose out the gifts.  Takes the mystery out but hey I’m happy.

What did I get him?  Flowers. Not just any flowers. They are Simply Cheerful Mixed Rose Bouquet – 12 Stems of 16-inch Roses with no vase because I have one at home.

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