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Is your life filled with anger?

January 4, 2011

Yesterday was such a blah day for me that even the smallest thing made me angry.  I was rambling such nonsense that it was kinda crazy.  My hubby during those moments tells me to be careful what I am saying out loud because it could be at that moment my words become true.

Why was I angry?  It was my mental state of being.  Comments here and there where I was treated as a child by someone. 

“Keep track of the books so you don’t have to pay extra.”

“I don’t keep track of their clothes.  Why didn’t you mention it before we left their house?”

“Put the checks in your purse so you’ll find them when you need them.”

I feel the need to be active in life rather than just sitting at home being online all day long for hours on end and getting nothing done. 

So who gets the short end of the stick when hubby goes to work? The kids and afterwards I feel bad about it.


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