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one’s self worth

December 31, 2010

Self esteem is how you view yourself in worth to others.  My kids have high and low self esteem.  My middle son has very low self esteem through out the day.  He needs constant reassurance that no “you are not stinky poopy” or “ewww” or “loser”.

One person who works with the kids on building their self esteem is my middle sister, the Nurse.  She constantly talks to them and puts them on the spotlight without judgment.  They get claps from each other for the “stories” they tell.

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  1. January 16, 2011 4:56 am

    Parents and other family members are responsible for building up the children in their lives’ esteem

    However, I do sometimes think your self esteem is in you, be it low or high. I have always had a high sense, something that served me well as I was growing up.

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