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Some random thoughts…

July 19, 2010

Insulting someone and apologizing afterwards is an oxymoron. If you meant to insult someone don’t apologize for it. It only makes you look like a fool.

Backbiting is when someone talks about someone and if that person were to find out they would be hurt. Backbiting whether done to the back or to the face is still backbiting.

They say that ignorance is bliss because once you find out what others are saying about you behind your back you’re miserable.

There is so much pettiness after marriage that it’s REEdikULOUS. You would think that it would end. It does not. It only intensifies.

I’m only competing with myself to become a better person and no one else. There is no prize to the housewife if she can cook the best, dress the best or clean the best. There is to be only reward for doing what she can. Just remember everything should be done for the sake of pleasing Allah and only him.


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