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What’s love got to do with it….

May 7, 2009

Today I did everything possible to distract and occupy my son. For the most part he was keeping himself busy. After his dad went to work I took him outside with a full bladder (mine) in the cold rain and just walked around for half an hour. He did not want to leave. I had to pee. Eventually I told him I would let him color in his jumbo coloring book. He agreed. He wanted more than 2 crayons to scribble with. Then we played with blocks. The rain was more of a sprinkle than anything. I was praying it was not going to start pounding. It did not, thank Allah!! I would have had to run with my pregnant belly and son in heels, low flat heels. Not a pretty image. He kept complaining that water was getting on his face, yet did not want to go inside. He loves being outside hearing the dogs bark and birds flying around. He points them out and sometimes yells at them to stop! or go! Its too funny. He loves the ice cream truck when it passes by because of its music. He is one special kid that has captured my heart strings and plays music whenever he pleases.

P.S. This is not to say or validate that I love my son more than my daughter. She is precious to me too and is my first born. How can I not love that girl. Today was a day just for mother and son.


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