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Rainy days

April 30, 2009

I am so loving rainy days but lately have been feeling blah. Like I’m stuck in quicksand sinking and sinking while everyone around me is moving fast forward ahead. I’m not sure where this feeling is coming from. Three of my sisters are graduating this year. One from middle school, one from high school, and one from college. The sister who’s doing nursing will be done next year inshallah.

My hubby and his brothers are nearly done with training to become “truck men”. I will be at home lonely with my kids while they are seeing the states, one after another. Its not a glamorous life, the trucking business but at least they are occupied with something.

My whole body is feeling blah just as my face is too. Right now in the house, its just me and my son who constantly wants to be held all day long. If he sees his dad (even if dad just woke up) he has to be held by him. If his dad has to go to the bathroom or to work even, I have to bribe him with candy to pry the kid away. He wants and loves company. His sister keeps on hitting him until he cries yet he still loves her. He loves her to death unless she does not give him what he wants, at which he turns to his only defense system. Ripping out her hair. He has a clean shaved head now, so she cannot pull his hair in return.

Thursday nights are my favorites for 3 reasons: Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Today’s PP was the best. The season finale. Oh, and besides the drama of all 3 shows, I so love the songs that are playing in the background. I can never find the songs anywhere online and that annoys me. Today’s PP was about 2 women who are having babies but their embryos were switched before being implanted. One of the women, it was her only chance to have a baby because her husband died and she has no more embryos. The other woman can keep trying after termination. The best plot was about a woman named Kate who is beyond delusional. She had a miscarriage but her brain does not accept that fact. The therapist who is helping her through the loss is pregnant and nearly about to deliver. Kate is planning on cutting open the pregnant woman and taking her baby. She is beyond psycho! and its the season finale, so that means I have to wait until like fall to know what happens.


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