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a day in the life.

September 11, 2012

zJr. is coming to the states by 7:30 p.m.  He should be arriving/arrived in New York by now. I have been trying to get things done today such as cooking and cleaning because tomorrow with his arrival its going to be crazy. Super crazy.

After dropping off the kids this morning I decided to take the baby to the park. My other playgroup date fell through because husband took the car and has been out since 9 a.m. this morning and it is currently 7:09 p.m.  He is one busy man and loves. Loves. LOVES to be busy.  This man cannot sit still for longer than a month at a time. 

Currently he is not working due to issues about his work schedule.   Management and supervisors wanted him to work during the night while he preferred and needed to work during the day.  It was pretty nasty the way they let him go.

Last night I was super frustrated about being stressed and not feeling productive.  I must have called about 10 people and not a single person could pick up the phone. I texted about five and got responses back really fast but I needed someone to vent to.

think happy thoughts

September 11, 2012

Living in the suburbs near the Motor City, it kind of sucks not having a car.  We have been without a car for the past ten days borrowing a neighbors while two are our vehicles, a 2002 Nissan Sentra and another 2003 Toyota Sienna. (I probably got the years wrong.)  The Nissan has the loudest sound coming from it that its basically on life support just waiting for the plug to be pulled.  The Sienna had this sensor and that sensor fixed. We shelled out 800 dollars for the repairs and its still hiccuping along on the road or even more like a toddler who refuses to get off the floor because mom/dad will not get him/her the candy.  More stubborn than that.

Today there are plans made but cancelled due to a car.  I can walk everywhere I have no problem with that but hubs does.  He says he does not want to have a difficult time walking from here to there or anyone to see me.

Hopefully the rest of the day is better than it started out.

happy birthday billy

September 10, 2012

My son Billy is five today.  That went fast, or at least that’s what I’m suppose to say.  It felt like it would forever before the kids got into school. Now two are in school (kindergarten and first grade) while the “baby” is in a TOTS 3 program starting next Monday.  With 3 kids under the age of 7 it’s trying at times.

Lately the baby is going back to baby habits. He wants to sleep next to me and my husband.  I am a parent who co-slept with all her kids. I firmly believe in it since I was breastfeeding and that was the best way to sleep for me as a family.  My husband worked the night shift and with the three little one, it seemed the perfect solution to at least feel like there were other people in the house with me.

For instance this morning the baby woke up and he said “why doesn’t abba sleep with us?” Not “good morning mom” or “I slept great mom” or even a hug and kiss like Billy usually does and just snuggle with me. He demands to know “why dad didn’t sleep next to him” and is already in a cranky mood that lasts until he gets some food into his system.

My question is how do parents who deal with high need babies deal with constant tantrums and bad moods all day long? After a while it gets to me and I cannot deal with it.

Long Summer Nights.

September 2, 2012

Goodbye summer. How I will miss you. Let me count the ways.

Fans twirling around making a clickety clack noise while wind blows in through the window.

Pre-fourth of July firecrackers going off in the middle of the night. Even after fourth of July is over.

Sleeping in for the first few days of summer with no schedule in place.

Large sheets of rain and lightning to calm us down from the summer heat.

Digging in dirt with a stick and filling buckets. then dumping it all out to start again.

trying year 2012

July 6, 2012

this year seems to be a trying year for me.  one in which i’m wondering what the hell i’m suppose to be doing and where i’m suppose to go.  i have no clue.  i’m lost. and it feels like it’s all falling apart and i cannot do anything to stop it. the worse part about it is that when i talk to others they tell me that its normal and part of life.  that others are experiencing exactly what i am.  but the thing is…

i never wanted to be like everyone. everybody.

i tried all my life to be someone. somebody who was exactly me.  only me.


Spank him!

June 4, 2012

You know you want to. 

For those looking for a dirty post, this is not one of those.  I am against spanking.  It solves nothing and teaches the child to hit when he gets angry.  A lose lose scenario. 

My husband grew up with spanking for bad behavior.  He firmly believes in it. We get into heated discussions about it ALL. THE. TIME.

So is spanking right or wrong and how do we decide when to do it and when to not?

Bangladesh trip-village photos

June 3, 2012

As promised from before here are some more pics from the Bangladesh trip.  These are pics of my husband’s village and houses where we stayed for four weeks.  So laid back and the scenery is wonderful.

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You LOOK like skinny.

June 3, 2012

sue: amma, you’re skinny.

billy: no she LOOK like skinny.

sue: no she is skinny.

billy: (at a higher decibel) NO, she LOOK like skinny.

sue: we are fat.

billy: no we LOOK like fat.

this was the morning conversation at breakfast.

Bangladesh-the land that I missed.

June 1, 2012

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I went to Bangladesh for a couple of weddings. One was my brother-in-law‘s and the other was my cousin’s.  So much fun. While we were there we had a funeral also.  Could not make it for safety reasons.  Here are some snapshots of Bangladesh. Will post more in a few days.

im backkkkkkkkkk!

May 27, 2012

I open up a post. I think. I freeze. I try again tomorrow and the cycle repeats itself.  I want to improve my writing by writing on this blog and have not devoted the time. I overthink over and over.  Its pretty bad.

This past week we got back from Bangladesh. It was nice overall.   Pictures will be posted soon.  The sleep schedule is out of whack.  I’m exhausted at 1 P.M and 9 P.M every night.